Days with a lot of flavour

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Arrival in the city of Alicante and accommodation in the selected hotel. Alicante is Mediterranean and what better way to start our stay in the city than from the sea.


We will take a private boat trip at sunset marinated in Alicante Denomination of Origin wine and accompanied by a tasting of local products.



Breakfast at the hotel.


Self-defence course on the beach with the Krav Maga system, an effective, simple, logical and useful method of self-defence, adapted to real life. Krav Maga techniques are adapted to real life situations in which you have to defend yourself from muggings, robberies, assaults on women, attacks with objects (sticks, knives, bottles...) and all this in an incomparable natural environment, the beaches of Alicante.


At midday we will put on our aprons to learn how to cook a good Alicante rice dish. We will have one of the most fun experiences of our trip: a rice cooking workshop with a specialised chef. We will cook our own rice in a unique atmosphere and then enjoy it seated at the table.


A fun and different event to enjoy with your colleagues and team building.



Free time and end of our services.


Convent renovated in Mediterranean style

Spectacular seafront views

Historic charm by the Mediterranean

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